Reserve Your Doc Talk If  You Want To Raise Awareness About Health!"
  If you want happy people, book a Doc Talk today. All you do is email or call to be notified when Dr. Carney has an open time slot for a presentation or a nutritional educational webinar. If he is available his assistant will call you at your business/organization to set up the date and time.  
  When he presents to your group they'll learn:
  •  #1Cutting edge information you will not find anywhere else, plus the information he'll present is easy to understand. Anyone that attends one of his LIVE events... can put these health strategies and concepts to work... immediately following the event.
  • #2As an attendee you get to talk to Dr. Carney about health conditions, nutritional testing, and health concerns that can help you understand how you can get healthy... without taking drugs, OTC medications, getting injections and surgeries .
  • #3This Murrieta Doc Talk "LIVE" presentations and webinars are tailored to the organization where he is giving the presentation. These presentations are virtually guaranteed to help change people's lives, how they live their lives, how they approach aging, how to reset the metabolism, what they think about their current situations and how they assert themselves to become as healthy as possible from that point forward. We suggest you schedule these at least two months in ADVANCE - so you can make sure your dates are confirmed as Dr. Carney deos Doc Talks every available week of the year.
   "Dr. Carney's Doc Talks are fun, engaging, very interactive and the audience will usually tell their friends and family how much fun they had being there live
   The health ideas, concepts, nutritional protocols, organic supplements and strategies that Dr. Carney shares with your business/organization are easily understood, and your members/employees will also get some "one-on-one" private Q & A from Dr. Carney... at the close of your private event."
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